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Our Learning Model

Tall Pines STEM Academy’s philosophy for educating students includes a small intimate school located on over 400 acres of land that offers students the opportunity to learn and become engaged in their learning by going outside of the classroom to solve relevant problems through project-based assignments. Tall Pines STEM Academy believes that students should be engaged and active in their learning and environment, and that the importance of physical activity, health/wellness and leadership training should be included in the school culture daily.

The focus of Tall Pines is to provide a safe and motivating learning environment where students can develop the necessary academic foundation (STEM) and leadership characteristics to become tomorrow’s leaders in the global workplace. Students will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with today’s leaders in STEM fields, and to apply their daily lessons to see how the content knowledge acquired in middle school is used every day in local businesses, and how it will be used in their future careers.

Tall Pines STEM Academy will offer an alternative to large impersonal middle schools for families that believe a small school can offer a safe and optimal learning environment that offers a positive school culture.

Key programmatic features

Leadership/team building and daily opportunities for physical activity will provide necessary skills to achieve lifetime fitness. These key programmatic features, combined with high expectations, will result in a student body prepared to excel in every area, enabling students to progress toward future leadership opportunities in the global workplace.

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